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2019 Australia Missionaries

Praise GOD for another opportunity to cover the world with the Word of GOD! This mission to Australia will be with one of the great generals, Dr. Marilyn Hickey.  We await the reports from the Team as they spread the Good News of what GOD has done.  It is said that the spiritual climate [...]

2019 Ghana Missionaries

We praise GOD for another opportunity to be a part of the great army of individuals that will move forward into the Country of Ghana to share the Good News of Jesus Christ!  Please keep all Missionaries in your prayers as they build on the work that has already taken place.  They will be moving [...]

2018 Brazil Missionaries (Oct)

Praise GOD for another opportunity to Go this year to the country of Brazil. The focus on this trip will be on the Family and Leadership. We thank GOD for the praise reports that will come forth from this Great Team.  As stated from one of the Youth that served on the earlier trip, Brazil [...]

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2018 Dubai Missionaries

"Seeing Jesus Span the Continents!" Dubai, Abu Dhabi, (United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪) Vienna, Austria 🇦🇹 and Budapest, Hungary 🇭🇺! Healing Meetings in Dubai with Marilyn & Sarah and Ministering with them in Budapest, Hungary at "Faith Church," (over 100,000 attendees), Europe's largest Evangelical Church! We are the "Called Out Ones," for such a time [...]

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2018 Kenya Missionaries

This is the third year Missionaries have served in Kiserian, Kenya among the Maasai.  This year, the assignment of the Team is to strengthen the church that was planted in 2016 by providing “ leadership training, support and consultation for local women and schools”. At the same time, there will be another Team on a medical mission [...]

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2018 Harlem Missionaries

Praise GOD for another year to have the opportunity to go into all the world in Harlem, NY. The United States contains 488 different people groups, New York contains hundreds of People Groups that have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As the Missionaries are on the corners of Harlem proclaiming the gospel [...]

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2018 Brazil Missionaries

Praise GOD for another year to have the opportunity to go to the beautiful country of Brazil. On this trip, the Good News will be demonstrated in many ways.  This Team will minister to the orphans, the sick,  prayer-walk, visit families and children in favelas (slums), take part in conferences, as well as encourage the Church. [...]

2018 Trinidad and Tobago Missionaries

The LORD has given us another country in which we will go forth pursuing, advancing, and taking territories! We thank GOD for this island known as, "The Island of the Trinity."  The denominations are very diverse in this country.  As the Team goes forth by the LORD bring unity to the Body of Christ [...]

2018 Ghana Missionaries

Praise GOD for another opportunity to take part in the mission in Ghana, West Africa. Ghana has a very interesting history and to go will be a wonderful moment in time for each Missionary. The ministry that will go forth will build upon what has taken place in past years.  Please keep in prayer Pastor [...]

2017 South Africa Missionaries

The Missionaries will join forces with Know The Truth International Ministries in this great country making a mark that will not be erased. They will visit Children’s Homes to distribute school supplies and tracts.  They will work with a local churches as they feed those that are hungry, visit hospitals, schools and do street ministry. They will indeed [...]

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