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2018 Ghana Missionaries

Praise GOD for another opportunity to take part in the mission in Ghana, West Africa. Ghana has a very interesting history and to go will be a wonderful moment in time for each Missionary. The ministry that will go forth will build upon what has taken place in past years.  Please keep in prayer Pastor [...]

2017 South Africa Missionaries

The Missionaries will join forces with Know The Truth International Ministries in this great country making a mark that will not be erased. They will visit Children’s Homes to distribute school supplies and tracts.  They will work with a local churches as they feed those that are hungry, visit hospitals, schools and do street ministry. They will indeed [...]

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2017 Russia & Armenia Missionaries

Praise God for the opportunity to touch the countries of Russia and Armenia. This mission trip will “Cover The Earth With the Word as the Team travels with Dr. Marilyn Hickey. Our missionaries will be joining a larger Team which when combined will consist of a group of 165 people. The churches are on fire with [...]

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2017 Kenya Missionaries (Kiserian)

This is the second year Missionaries have served in Kiserian, Kenya among the Maasai.  This year, the assignment of the Team is to strengthen the church that was planted in 2016, disciple those that were saved and lastly bring new people to Christ.     There will be a medical clinic, a day of encouragement for [...]

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Kenya 2017 Missionaries

The Kenya Medical Missions Team will be serving the people of Mombasa, Kenya.  Mombasa is a city located on the beautiful shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Mombasa’s population is mainly Muslim.  Praise GOD for the opportunity to again reach out to the Muslim community through multiple vehicles such as medical, dental, evangelization, healing crusades [...]

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2017 Brazil Missionaries

Brazil is the second largest country in the world and the Team will be going to seek, save, encourage and so much more in and outside the Church doors.  They will visit the orphans, the sick, the poor, build up families and youth.  GOD will be Glorified as the Team makes a difference in [...]

2017 Ghana Missionaries

Praise GOD for this upcoming mission to the West African nation of Ghana.  This is the fourth year we have brought the Good News of Jesus Christ to this great nation, Teams will be sent to the capitol city Accra, Kumasi one of the largest metropolitan cities and the Cape Coast where many slaves [...]