2019 Harlem Missionaries


Praise GOD for another opportunity to take a Team to New York City on this Special Mission on U.S. Soil: Operation Spiritual Thunder.

New York City is a very diverse City in that it has many Peoples and Cultures.  

On a bronze plaque in the Statue of Liberty is written, “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homelesstempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!
Many of the people that have been drawn to the United States were drawn because of the spirit of these words; Freedom of Religion, Many Opportunities For a Better Life, and so much more.
The LORD in actuality is drawing the people here, because in many Countries they would never hear about the Good News of what has been done for them to give eternal freedom.  HE wants everyone to have the opportunity.  When salvation comes, we pray that those that receive Christ will reach out to those in their home country and families, villages, and whole countries will experience the New Life in Christ.
Please keep the New York Team in your prayers and those that have never heard.
You are welcome to write encouraging words  and  to return to the blog periodically to read what great things the LORD is doing

UPDATE: 7/26/19

Operation Spiritual Thunder 2019. We are on our way. Yesterday we received training and impartation to prepare us. Even walking the streets of Harlem prayer walking. Every where our feet shall tread you have given it to us, we took territory, pulled down strongholds in the name of Jesus Christ. There is a trembling happening in the Spirit realm, even in the natural. The enemy is mad and we are so glad. ~Kisha Banks

UPDATE: 7/27/19

Operation Spiritual Thunder: Mission Accomplished the glory has fallen on the streets of Harlem. God, we give you glory and honor. Even from this morning’s devotion we were charged with a snatch back anointing. Taking back Harlem for the glory of God. Miracle, Signs and Wonders happened today and we are grateful. Harlem, the streets of NY will never be the same. Including us! ~Kisha Banks

Update: 7/29/19

God did it again. Today, Monday 29, 2019, the Team started the day out in praise and worship, for our God has done marvelous things. Following our devotion, the Team gathered to travel to Times Square via the subway for shopping and sightseeing.

The Team dined sufficiently at Junior’s as we celebrated what the Lord did on the mission field. Lives were changed, the captives were set free by the power of God. Please continue to pray for the Team as we prepare to return home Tuesday, July 30th.


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  1. Nancine Dreon

    Excited for the Team.
    Blessings of God’s Glory to be seen and manifested like never before.

  2. Dominic Carter

    What an awesome time to be used of the Lord Jesus!

  3. Kathy L Rodgers

    To God be the glory. Praise God glory manifesters. Let God use you and allow His light to shine bright in you. I’m excited to hear about the blessings of the Lord. Interceding for all of you. With much Love Kathy❤️

  4. Jenifer Clark

    May Father God use you all in uncommon ways as you bring light into dark places. I pled the blood of Jesus over you all right now as you go forth in your kingdom assignment in Harlem. I decree and declare that no weapon that tries to form against you all will prosper because The Holy Spirit is right there leading, guiding and keeping you all ….praying the promises over you in Jesus name!

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