Bishop Daniel Robertson, Jr. was born on December 4, 1963 in Chesapeake, Virginia. After completing his primary education in the Chesapeake public schools, Bishop Robertson began his academic journey at James Madison University (JMU). While in the same choir and Bible study group at JMU, he met and fell in love with Elena Eaglin, and on August 13, 1988, they were joined in Holy Matrimony. As a result of their union, they became the blessed parents of four children: Daniel III, Charity Joy, David Jeremiah, and Moriah Joyelle.

He received a Bachelor’s degree in biology from JMU in 1986 and soon became a registered pharmacist. Continuing his higher education, Bishop Robertson attended Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Pharmacy in 1989, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in pharmacy. His drive to excel coupled with his passion for the Word of God soon lead him to Virginia Union in Richmond, Virginia where he received a Masters in Divinity degree and graduated magna cum laude.

More recently, in May 2014, Bishop Robertson graduated from Ever Increasing Word Training Center in Darrow, Louisiana and was also awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Divinity from the center. He also serves as one of 12 Master Vision Bearers for Leroy Thompson Ministerial Association (LTMA), under the leadership of Apostle Leroy Thompson, Sr.

Ministry Experience

After working as a registered pharmacist for over five years, Bishop Robertson accepted the appointment to pastor Mt. Gilead, a church in Richmond, Virginia with only 25 members. His style of preaching and motivating the congregation attracted worshippers from all over and the church grew from 25 members to over 4,000 ministry partners to date. As the membership numbers continued to elevate, Bishop Robertson was also elevated when he was consecrated into the Episcopal office of Bishop in November 2003 by Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. of Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship (FGBCF). He also served as FGBCF’s State Bishop of Virginia and First Assistant to Bishop Neil Ellis, the second presiding Bishop.

To accommodate the exponential growth, the ministry purchased 62 acres of land and moved into its new facility in 2004. With the theme, Pursuing, Advancing, and Taking Territories, Mt. Gilead continues to acquire land to follow the vision and has become one of the fastest growing churches in the Richmond Metropolitan area. The church soon purchased an additional 20 acres of land. Under Bishop Robertson’s leadership, the ministry held a Debt Free Campaign to pay-off the remaining $1.6 million in debt on the existing church and 82 acres. On September 6, 2012, the church raised $1.6 million within 3 months and 1 week. This miraculous undertaking allowed the ministry to burn the note of debt. In other words, the original 2005 mortgage for $6.5 million was paid in full in less than eight years!


Bishop Robertson’s unique leadership style has propelled him to be regarded as a leader of leaders. Average is not a part of his vocabulary. Those under his tutelage are pushed to go beyond what they could have ever experienced or imagined for their ministries and personal lives. His compassion for God’s people is demonstrated in the way he leads and is shared in the pages of his four best-selling books on leadership. His books are as follows:

Plug In
A practical guide for pastors, church leaders and businesses

Coaching: A Kingdom Agenda
A resource for developing leaders on building a strong organization

Plug In II
Describes the continued blessings of divine connection on his life and ministry
Also available in Spanish entitled, Conéctate

Fit for a King
A useful guide to excellence that will equip the readers to honor God through exceptional ministry

In addition to his books, Bishop Robertson has also released a powerfully, motivating CD entitled, Nothin’ but the Truth. This CD combines the art of the preached Word with the art of music to minister Biblical truths in a manner which captivates listeners and allows them to experience God’s Word in a new way. It also bridges the gap between the generations and reaches the young (in age) and the young at heart.

His leadership also takes him beyond the four walls of the church. With a passion to fulfill the Great Commission to make disciples of men all over the world, Bishop Robertson actively participates in overseas missions and also sends teams from Mt. Gilead to reach the lost for Christ. The ministry partners with LTMA, Shalom Outreach, Inc. and Know The Truth Ministries, Inc. to accomplish this mandate. Bishop Robertson has ministered abroad in Australia, Brazil, Cuba, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Kenya, South Africa and Uganda and continues Pursuing, Advancing, and Taking Territories for Christ!