The Wisdom Warriors Fellowship Ministry

The Wisdom Warriors Fellowship Ministry is a Helps ministry for the senior church membership, age 55 and above. The Wisdom Warriors come together in fellowship to keep active, have fun and to get to know each other to develop close spiritual and personal relationships with one another. Some of our outings include taking trips to enjoy plays, museums, restaurant’s and tours.

We support the Nursing Home Helps Ministry of Mt. Gilead by supporting the ministers assigned to two NH on a monthly basis for one hour. We join them in ministry for prayer, witnessing, reading the word, and singing. NH seniors always enjoy uplifting visits which let them know they are not forgotten but thought about and loved on. We also assist the Youth ministry in their visit to the Children’s Hospital monthly with prayer and doing crafts with the children.

We meet bi-monthly or when noted on our church Events calendar to review/update on Bishop’s impartations from his meetings with the Elder’s, (presented by Overseer Nancine) and to share on upcoming events and church projects to remain on one accord.

Periodically we are given special assignments to support the Intercessory Prayer Ministry with specific petitions.

Seniors 55 years and above can join this Fellowship ministry be completing a Helps ministry application. Once approved the Wisdom Warriors Overseer is sent an email and the new member is contacted.

Our Bishop bless the seniors who join the ministry with a discount card that each new member is given as a “bonus welcome” which can be used as long as they remain a member of Mt. Gilead.