2018 Ghana Missionaries


Praise GOD for another opportunity to take part in the mission in Ghana, West Africa.

Ghana has a very interesting history and to go will be a wonderful moment in time for each Missionary. The ministry that will go forth will build upon what has taken place in past years. Please keep in prayer Pastor Julian and the rest of the Team, that the ministry that will take place will surpass what they could ever ask or think.

Return periodically to this blog to receive updates on the great things that GOD is doing and also leave your comments.

UPDATE: 5/23/18

Our missionaries are back home! We praise God for their safe return! Stay tuned for the praise reports…

UPDATE: 5/22/18

We, Team Ghana 2018, want to thank Bishop Daniel Robinson, Jr. and CoPastor Elena Robertson for this dynamic ministry opportunity! We received fresh, specialized oil, and saw miracles, signs, and wonders! We also experience the love of God through our teammates and the opportunity for iron to sharpen iron! We also saw a fellowship between nations and connected ministries in the USA. We walked in gifts we didn’t even know we had! We got an opportunity to leave it all on the field! To God be all the Glory, Honor and Praise! ~Sis. Melinda Woods

UPDATE: 5/21/18

Thank you prayer warriors for praying for the Team which enabled us to be effective in our assignments. Faith is Our God!!!

We have had internet problems all week which did not allow our emails to reach you. We sincerely apologize. We will send an overview of the mission trip after we return home.
Today the Team worshipped at our host church, End Time Revival Centre, this morning. What an awesome worship experience, Bishop Daniel Robertson preached a powerful word. Later we traveled three hours to Elmina to visit St. George’s Castle. This castle once held slaves. We received a wonderful history lesson which we did not receive in our various schools.
The Team is resting now following by an afternoon of fun around the pool and the Atlantic Ocean. Some of the guys played football and we all dined sufficiently. We will be preparing to depart for Accra on Monday afternoon. Please continue to pray for the Team as we prepare to finish well and our families and for the souls that were won during our mission trip.
You are blessed to be a Blessing. ~Rev. Doris Crews

UPDATE: 5/20/18

The teams were in two groups today. The Evangelism Team went out to do street evangelism and prayer. Again, there were several Muslims along with an Atheist that were ministered to and told about the love of Christ!

They later returned to the church; Jehovah Jireh Ministries and set up a mock wellness school for training. The Pastor along with some of her leaders were trained by Min. Janice Powell on various wellness trades such as Colonic Enemas and Ear Candling. This training was to impart trades to the leaders that could possibly be used in the future as part of a business venture. Because of the vision of the ministry, this venture would create multiple streams of income to be a blessing to the community and church at large.

The Pastor and the leaders were all very receptive and hungry to learn.
The team also performed a washing of the feet with prayer while there at the church. This was a time of spiritual giving and receiving. There was a breaking that took place in each team leader as they prayed for and washed the feet of the people.

Later, on Thursday night, one of the woman attending informed us that she had fallen the day before and injured her leg. She stated that once we washed her feet and prayed for her that her leg was miraculously healed! Thank you Jesus! You are still performing miracles, signs and wonders!!!
On Thursday night, many souls were saved and at one church, Jehovah Jireh Ministries, approx. 22 people came to the altar and received the gift of tongues! There is nothing like the POWER! The children and church leaders also came to the altar for prayer and covering.

On Wednesday night, Pastor Tracy Parham, Min. Janice Powell, Min.Alfreda Allen, Min. Crystal and Assistant Pastor Green (Albany, Ga. Rehema Ministries) ministered the Word of God at multiple churches.
This mission has demonstrated a true operation of the walking out the great commission! It’s been an apostolic movement of fresh oil and anointing.
So thankful for being a part of the movement! ~Min. Janice Powell
UPDATE: 5/18/18

Greetings from Ghana, West Africa!! God is doing amazing things here!! Souls have been saved, people have been filled with the holy ghost, buddies have been healed, and curses have been broken!! To God be all the GLORY, HONOR, and PRAISE!! Teams have been dispatched into different regions and God is doing a great work through the team. We are well and are pursuing, advancing, and taking territories!

Thanks so much to our church members from various countries in Africa, especially from the International Missions Ministry. The songs, greetings, and information from other African countries has been a huge asset and opened up many ministry opportunities. A few examples include boarding South African Airlines and interacting with the crew to ministering in the schools and in the hospitals to encouraging the staff of the local churches

~Sis. Melinda Woods

UPDATE: 5/15/18

Praise God! The Ghana Team Foot Soldiers have all arrived safely in Ghana, Africa! We thank God that even though there was a slight delay in departing from Washington, due to a massive hail and rain storm, He still prevailed and we are here!

On our way to meet, greet and receive our assignments for duty! All for God’s Glory!

Where my soldiers at???? UP IN HERE!!! ~ Minister Janice Powell


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  1. Dr Teresa S Johnson, Pastor

    Praise God for another opportunity to allow your lights (as a united team) to shine brightly. God bless you all from beginning to completion. Ghana has hidden treasures waiting just for you. And your anointing will strategically bring to pass every thing God sent you there to do. Love the people of God! And bring God Glory!

  2. Denodra Bennett

    Praise God for His faithfulness!! I know you all will be used to touch the lives of many!!

  3. Sasha Kelly

    I am praying for you all!!! May your gifts be used mightily and manifest and may you all tap into a supernatural power to heal, restore, and conquer like never before!

  4. QV

    God is Amazing!!! I am excited & blessed to hear of the good works God is doing through you all. May His peace & joy continue to strengthen you for the journey ahead. Be a blessing on purpose and know that you have our prayers supporting you so that God will remain glorified!

  5. QV

    Praises be to God! Answering Minister Powell’s Roll Call;


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