2021 Kenya Medical Missionaries

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We praise GOD for this opportunity to return to Mombasa and other areas of Kenya.  This facet of the mission with Shalom Outreach was delayed temporarily by COVID, but due to GOD’s continuous grace and love for people and their hearts, the venture continues.

“We have never been this way before” is a word we continue to hear, but GOD’s will for people travels through time and space and never changes. With His desires known we are expecting miracles, signs and wonders to be performed through this medical and evangelism mission as GOD heals the whole man.  

We ask for your prayers as we go forth in the name of the LORD to do great exploits.

Please return here periodically for updates and also send words of encouragement to the Team.

UPDATE: 8/17/21

It feels like forever since the last time we were able to give hugs and prepare for an international missions assignment! The Kenya 2021 Missions Team were greeted at the airport on Monday morning by First Lady Lisa Dangerfield & Rev Doris Crews! We are well equipped for this opportunity & assignment! Giving God the Glory because IT’S ALREADY DONE! In Jesus Name! Amen!🙏🏽

The second Kenya 2021 Missionary Team has landed safely! We were greeted at the airport by Pastor Julian & Pastor Ezekiel! Today the team prepared for a food distribution taking place on Wednesday and the medical camp which will be Thursday, Friday & Saturday! There’s a Grace of unity amongst the team and we are ready to serve the Kingdom of God! All for His Glory !

UPDATE: 8/18/21

Kenya 2021 Medical Missions food distribution: Today!!!! Praise God we distributed over a ton of food to feed hundreds of families!

The Kenya 2021 Medical Mission Team preparing the bags donated by Kylie Kouture for the kids. These bags will be distributed on tomorrow at the medical camp! Kylie sold lemonade and made paper clothing for dolls to fundraise over $800! Thank you Kylie for being a blessing!

UPDATE: 8/19/21

The Kenya 2021 Medical Team pushed exceptionally hard today at the medical camp! The plan of action was strategized in a way that made every thing throughout the day flow much better! Every joint supplied!

God blessed our hands and hearts to serve 452 people! Glory to God!

Patients were of adults and children who needed medical assistance, advice and some needed prescriptions. Each area flowed like a well oiled machine to meet the needs of each individual.

Even though it’s considered Winter here, the weather is still hot! This did not cease the patience of the people to wait for their much needed services.

There were several immediate testimonies from people who had received care! We are calling out for Miracles, Signs & Wonders and God is doing just that and getting all of the Glory!

There was a top official from the County Government of Kilifi named Dr. Sultan Hubess who stopped by the camp. He was so impressed with the medical camp and how well it was organized for the families in the community. He gave praise and expressed his gratitude for our service and extended comments of wanting to expand this type of outreach.

Tomorrow & Saturday, our goal is serve double the amount of people in the same manner of time in which we flowed today! There’s such unity with the team! It’s already done!

UPDATE: 8/22/21

Today the 2021 Kenya Medical missionaries attended Nyali Baptist Church services. Deacon Carney ministered a Rhema word about guarding your heart with the Word from Psalm 119:11 and Proverbs 4:23.


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