2021 Miami Missionaries


We praise GOD for another opportunity to go to Miami,  which has been opened up for so many to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Miami is a Global City, which contains many people from other countries.  The People in Miami range from the very poor to the very rich. Please pray that all those in the  communities that the LORD desires to be touched by the Missionaries, will be touched in such a way that they will never be the same.  We await the great reports of how the street evangelism, leadership training and other activities transformed and set free. Please write words of encouragement to the Missionaries and come back periodically to read what great things the LORD is doing in and through those that have accepted the call.

UPDATE: 10/14/21

The team spent the night in Jacksonville, FL.  A few missionaries met Ms. Lisa, a visitor at the Hilton Hotel, an elder woman and member of motorcycle club.  She accepted, and received it in her heart for healing in her body for good health and also rededicated herself to our Lord Jesus Christ. Minister Lucy and Minister Sharon prayed with her for immediate actions from the doctor confirming a life expectancy of six months to live! #Unleashed

UPDATE: 10/15/21

The mission team has arrived in Miami!  We have been received warmly by Pastor Frank’s church.  We are going to witness, witness, witness to the lost!

UPDATE: 10/16/21

The team participated in a leadership conference during the day and led worship service that night!  The Praise & Worship Team unleashed the debt-free anointing in the atmosphere!  This is a prophetic mission on a mission!

UPDATE: 10/17/21

The team led Praise & Worship during Sunday services and continued to pour out words of encouragement to Pastor Frank and his church.  

UPDATE: 10/18/21

The team has left Miami — We are on the journey back home!  We had a super charged three days of power-packed ministry!  We are looking forward to the bountiful harvest that will come to Pastor Frank and his church, Bethesda in the days and weeks ahead!

UPDATE: 10/19/21

The team has arrived safely back home!  Glory to God! Stay tuned to hear the praise reports!


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  1. Patricia Payne

    We praise GOD that our 19 missionaries departed Mt. Gilead as of 5 AM. They are riding debt free to Miami, Florida. All expenses paid! Piercing The Darkness with Faith in the Power of our GOD. Hallelujah‼️🙏🏽🔥☝🏽

    1. Minister Crystal Wiley-Perry

      Pray for Isoka, she is from Hungary and she has been in U.S. for 20 years. She misses home and is particularly concerned about her Mom as she is alone there. Planned to visit her, but could not due to COVID. She is a believer. Encouraged her that in God’s time she would get to go home to visit her Mom. Encouraged her to trust God, be strengthened by Him and that it would be sooner than she thinks. She was working, and she became very emotional so couldn’t stop to pray. Palm Coast Florida intervention hotel stop. #MtGileadMiami2021

  2. Derrick

    We pray for lives will be changed and set free 🙏. “Team Miami are up to bat” #grandslam!

  3. Minister Crystal Wiley-Perry

    Hilton Garden Hotel Palm Coast, FL
    Met Ron and Gidgit during breakfast Vietnam Vet–exposed to Agent Orange, 36 years later taking 6 shots a day for Diabetes. He is a biker from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Imparted words of healing from Diabetes, heaven health, safe travels and more abundant life. Applauded his self-care. Thanked God for keeping Ron and reminded him that God has a purpose for him being here. Encouraged them to know that God is a healer and wants the abundant life for them. Spoke with them while they were awaiting breakfast.

  4. Minister Crystal Wiley-Perry

    Stopped by Buc-ee’sAlijah-Cashier, He inquired about Shalom T-shirt, wondered if he could support our ministry, provided him with info to get on our website. Spoke Ps. 115:14 blessing over him and his children, then He told me he is expecting his first child. Glory to God!

  5. Minister Crystal Wiley-Perry

    Turned my room key in this morning for the Fairfield Marriott, and engaged with LaVern, the hotel rep. Found out she is a born-again believer. Asked if she had any special prayer requests, and she desires that her family come together more. Prayed with her. God did it!

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