2019 Brazil Missionaries


Glória a Deus (Glory to GOD)!
Praise GOD we have another opportunity to reach the Nation of Brazil.
This mission is in followup to our previous visits where GOD has accomplished
so much. He is not finished with Brazil

The Team under the Leadership of Shalom Outreach will be exposing
the enemy and bringing Heaven to earth. Some activities planned are
prayer walks, visits to the slums, visits ro orphanages, to touch families
and so much more.

Please keep the Missionaries in your prayers, as they travel to the areas
that GOD has ordained for them to touch.

You may return to this site to enter your words of encouragement and periodic
updates from the field.

July 22nd-23rd Update

Team left Sao Paulo, Brazil enroute to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The team was very grateful to be blessed with the honor to visit The Christ the Redeemer statue and the Sugar Loaf Mountain.

Thank you so much Bishop and CoPastor for blessing us in a way that we will never forget. We thank God for you both, we thank God for your obedience to Him, and for allowing us to be stretched, extended out of our comfort zones to be a blessing to others!


The 2019 Brazil Mission Team

July 21st Update

The team had a fully loaded day separating into groups going in different directions covering Sao Paulo with the presence, power, glory, and love of God.

Elder Derrick Maye ministered a powerful, life changing sermon on Honor in the Favelas in Brazil, that blessed so many. Sis
Andriane Jones blessed them with a ministry of dance. they were also blessed with songs of praise from our young adult praise team. A beautiful fellowship and friendship was established.

Pastor Keith McCullough with another group fellowshipped with members of Cominudade Moriah Ministerio Vila Remo. Min. Peter Chouquerre spoke (ministered) over the offerings. Pastor McCullough ministered a blessed message on Your Pit May Not be as Bad as it Seems. “Because it requires praise to get you out!”

July 19th Update

The team did a “Stop and Pray” walk on the streets of Brazil where many lives were positively impacted.
Some of us were near traffic lights praying with motorists as they stopped on red while others prayed with people walking by.  Many accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior.
Later that evening Min. Celestine Miller ministered an awesome word at O Fogo Ardera’ Continuamente church on “Going From the Old to the New”.  It was blessed!

July 18th Update

The team was blessed to tour the town of Sao Paulo after devotion.
We were also blessed to fellowship and worship with members of Igreja Evangélica Kyrios, Sao Paulo.
Our very own, Min. Jose’ Trigueros ushered in the mighty Glory of God when he ministered on being Carriers of His Presence (the Presence of God),  from Isaiah 60:1, John 17:20-26, and Genesis 1:26.
The Glory always point to God!

July 17th Update

During the day, some of the team members had the opportunity to pray for a female and her business. as soon as they were ending the prayer a flood of people started coming in her business.

The team was divided to minister and worship at three different churches.

Some were blessed to fellowship with the members of Igreja Biblica Kades under the leadership of Pastor Ismael Ferreira Lima. Pastor McCullough delivered a blessed message, “The Peace of Being a Burnt Offering” from Roman 12:1.

Our young adults blessed us during Praise and Worship with song and a ministry of Mime.

Before service we were blessed to meet the acquaintances of Luis and his mother. Luis is13 years old (who immediately took a liking to Elder Derrick Maye) and has been diagnosed as being autistic (by man). The blessing of this acquaintance is that Luis self-taught himself how to speak English.

As in Mark 9:24 – Jesus said unto him, if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

During alta call we had a young lady who accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and signed up for baptism.

Min. Phyllis Coley had the honor of ministering at Pastor Joshua’s church. She was accompanied by some of the team members.

Min. Shakira Ali had the honor to ministered at Igreja Presbiteriana. She also was accompanied by some of the team members.

This was a blessed and joyous day!

July 16th Update

Praying for citizens at City Center during our prayer walk around the square.

July 15th Update:

We arrived safely this morning in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We were greeted at the airport by our host Pastor Joshua and his son.

Upon our arrival at the hotel we were welcomed by Hadassah and Felipe. Our day consisted of checking into our hotel and dinner. Tonight we will get instructions for our second day at missions.

On our way from the church to the airport, team members had the opportunity to minister to a police officer wanting to know more about missions.

We are expecting and excited about more wanting to know more about Jesus!


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  1. Shamece Todd

    Glory to God!! I’m excited about what God will do !!

  2. Tanicka Heiskell

    You are carriers of God’s Glory!! Every where you are He Is!! Yield and Flow!!

  3. Calvin Carolina

    Praying Psalms 91 over you to God be the glory.

  4. Pat Chambers

    Believing God that He has already prepared the way and you will have great success in garnering souls for His kingdom.

  5. P.Maye

    Glory to GOD! Praying, Psalm 91 and Isaiah 61 “Good tidings of salvation!” In Jesus Name!

  6. Tracie Allen

    Going out into the world to teach the gospel, so that men may be saved……PRAISE GOD !! It’s a beautiful thing to know that man is still wanting to know about the loving, wonderful, Powerful GOD we serve. Praying Traveling Mercies to you all as you spread His Love.. 🙂

  7. Crystal Shines Perry

    Believing God will let the Glory of the Lord rise upon every soul you encounter for Christ! Regeneration from natural to supernatural living…thy will BE. DONE.

  8. Kim Teel

    Hello, Friend Phyllis Mitchell hopes all is well. Waiting to hear more of your experiences.
    Kim Teel

  9. Denodra Bennett

    Remember you are Glory Carriers…desire spiritual gifts and expect to be used by Holy Spirit like never before and you can have fun while you are serving God!!

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