2018 Trinidad and Tobago Missionaries


The LORD has given us another country in which we will go forth pursuing, advancing, and taking territories! We thank GOD for this island known as, “The Island of the Trinity.” The denominations are very diverse in this country. As the Team goes forth by the LORD bring unity to the Body of Christ and many come into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. May those that hear for the first time of the Good News join the Army of soldiers to proclaim that this great island still belongs to the Trinity.

UPDATE: 7/14/18
All Missionaries to Trinidad and Tobago have reached the ground safely! During dinner our first night we received our assignments for the week. Every morning we will have the privilege of teaching Vacation Bible School for ages 5-15. In the evenings, we will join the local church in witnessing in the community and hosting open air crusades. Glory to God!! We look forward to seeing how God is going to move on this trip and to all the testimonies that will come as we go and spread God’s love. -Sheree Hilliard

UPDATE: 7/15/18
This morning during church service, several members of the team flowed in praise and worship and the dancers ministered a selection. In addition, a member of the team who is a native of Trinidad had the opportunity to preach the word at the church he attended while he lived in Trinidad. He encouraged the congregation about: “Walking in His power, Doing His Will.” During the altar call individuals who were believers, but wanted to go deeper in their relationship with God flooded the altar to receive prayer.

In the evening, we divided into several smaller teams and conducted outreach to invite individuals in the community to the upcoming Vacation Bible School for kids, and to The Crusades in the evenings.

The majority of the population in the community where we conducted outreach was comprised of Hindus, Catholics, and Muslims. Our steps were certainly ordered as we had the opportunity to extend invitations, and pray for several individuals who were dealing with loss of family members and other issues that they shared during that time. We give praise to God for every person we prayed for, ministered to, and invited to upcoming events this week. We have full confidence that we showed loved and planted seeds in the hearts of those in that community who received us, and that God can move in their hearts and bring the changes needed. -Sheree Hilliard

UPDATE: 7/16/18

Today, our team started Vacation Bible School with ages 5-15 at two locations. ARIMA Evangel Church (our host church) and at La Saloma, where the neighborhood is predominantly Muslim & Hindu. The kids enjoyed puppet shows, arts & crafts & learned about Luke 15:1-7 where Jesus the Shepherd left 99 sheep to come after one. The kids learned that this story is a testament of God’s love for them! We had our first night of our crusade. Our praise & worship team was able to minister. A member of our team shared a testimony. Our Assistant Pastor preached an awesome word on marriage! Married couples flooded the altar while Assistant Pastor laid hands and imparted into them. This was an amazing day of ministry! -Charity Robertson

UPDATE: 7/18/18

Wednesday night during the Crusade Rev. Gerald preached about fulfilling your assignment. During the altar call, people from our team were able to minister and pray with individuals and there were testimonies of some who received healing! ~Sheree Hilliard

UPDATE: 7/19/18

Thursday was the last day of the team teaching Vacation Bible School and around 30 children gave their lives to Christ! The kids enjoyed a puppet show grand finale! We had our last crusade service at Las Sanomas, one of the same locations from Vacation Bible School. Thursday night, Chef Shannon Davis preached also about your assignment and giving God your yes! We ended off another night with a powerful altar call. As well as being able to pray and prophesy over the youth who attended Vacation Bible school. ~Sheree Hilliard

UPDATE: 7/20/18

The team had some down time in the morning at the beach and tried a new food called “Shark Burgers.” While the team was shopping in one of the little shops on the beach, as we were leaving to get on the bus the shop owner ran out of the shop to catch Rev. Gerald and another team member. He explained that we were the first group of people ever to come into his shop and not steal anything. He was so grateful and he expressed his gratitude. That opened the door for members of the team to pray with him. We give glory to God for opening a door to minister even in our down time. ~Sheree Hilliard

During the evening the team attended an event at the local church called SALT CELEBRATION to raise money for school supplies for the children in the community. We were able to lead praise and worship, present a puppet show, minister in dance, and to bring the word forth. During the celebration, the team was blessed with tokens of appreciation from the church to show their gratitude. We were also able to be a blessing by sowing a love offering into the pastor, and also sowing seeds to purchase supplies for the school. ~Sheree Hilliard

UPDATE: 7/22/18

Our team arrived safely back home, praise God! Stay tuned for the praise reports.


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  1. Sasha

    Blessings to you all as you aboard flight!! May the peace of God rest on each and every one of you as you are already prepared to go into saving souls and changing lives..may your flight departure/landing/pilot/resting/body system/organs/gifts/SPIRIT/ all line up accordingly and may you never be the same after this amazing Mission Field. God Bless you all

  2. Sasha Kelly

    God Bless each and every one of you as God has prepared your mind and spirit for this Mission

    May your Departure/Landing/ The Pilot (and their alertness) /Co-Pilot ( and their alertness) /Passengers/ Your needed rest/ Bodies/ Organs/ Mind/ Body and Spirit line up according !!! You all will never be the same and may the anointing of God flow in your lives like never before as you flow freely and operate in your God Given Gifts May you all influence many souls to be saved and change lives like never before.

    God Bless Each and everyone one of you

    Your sister in Christ Sasha

  3. Pastor Janice Bishop

    Trinidad team I am praying that God will operate in the supernatural through all of you. This is the season where God is looking for vessels that are eager to see God move. I am praying and covering you while you are on the ground and in the air. Many that have been assigned to you will be revealed as you minister your unselfish gifts and talents as unto the Lord.
    Go forth in Power and might and obedience and watch the magnificent move of the Father.

  4. T. Parham

    Praise God for the people of God! We love you and we are looking forward with great expectation to hearing about the mighty things God does through each of you! He gets the glory, we get the victory!!!!

  5. Melinda Woods

    I’m thanking God for manifold wisdom and strength to you as you finish your assignment with strength and power. Apostolic miracles,
    signs, and wonders are following you all!

  6. Elder Dreon

    Praise God for His Faithfulness!!! May our Father continue to Bless, Restore, Direct and Enlarge your Expectations of Greater Exploits in Faith. Renewed perseverance in The Assignments of The Father.

  7. QV

    It is no mistake you were selected for this assignment; may you continue to flow in the fullness of God’s Love and the boldness of His divine power to spread His Peace & Joy that He may be glorified. Blessings to each of you as you journey on doing the work of the Lord!

  8. Bro. Francis

    Thanking God for travelling mercies, to and from Trinidad & Tobago.
    We also thank God for the seeds planted for future generations to come. May God bless all the missionary teams for the as seeds planted for future generations to come. May God continue to reward everyone for their effort, time and sacrifice

    Bro. Francis

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