Kenya Missionaries

The month of October is a month of supernatural exploits for those of Mt. Gilead and all the people that will be touched by Multiple Waves that will go across the great Country of Kenya.

The Missionaries will be taking part in the taking over of a Village for the sake of Christ. There will be evangelism, touching the community through sharing the love of Christ through clothes/shoe distribution, face painting, spa treatment and medical outreach.

The culmination of these Outreaches will be the last week where many will be discipled and a church planted.

The Word for this Team is: Focus on the New and Walk in a Fresh Anointing

We are expecting Heaven to come to earth through the many signs and wonders that will take place in the lives of the People.


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  1. John and Pat Payne

    They are waiting to hear and they will not be disappointed.

  2. Nancine Dreon

    Praise God as we go forth as a United Front for the Kingdom of God according to Matthew 28:19.
    Fulfill the Great Commission and may all their hearts receive God’s Love wherever they are.
    Our Prayers are covering each and everyone on One Accord.
    In Jesus Christ Name. Amen.

    1. Charles Lindsey

      Much Love to you guys. God is going to do exploits through every one of you. Glory to God!

  3. International Missions Ministry

    Praise God for safe travels! Our first wave of missionaries has landed in Kenya!

    1. Barbara Brown

      Thank God for the safe arrival of the group of missionaries. May God continue to bless and protect my daughter, Minister Tracci Parham and each one of you as you go about doing His will.

  4. Conswaylo Jefferson

    Habari ya jioni! Means good afternoon! We have touched down in Nairobi! The flights were great we are locked and loaded and on our way to the hotel. Thank you all for your prayers!

  5. Elder Derrick Maye

    Thank you LORD!!!!!!

  6. Conswaylo Jefferson

    Habari za asubuhi! (Good Morning)
    We had an awesome morning devotional coming from John 17. We also learned about the Maasai People.
    We will be spying out the land today and covering the land in prayer before we take it for the Glory of God!

  7. Manga Kennedy

    Day 2:

    The team enjoyed dinner with our Kenyan hosts and after a successful journey across continents we are settled into our stay locations.

    Today’s agenda kicked off with devotions followed by a strategic prayer walk at Kiserian (which means Shalom). Specifically at 3 locations close to each other in the area where we will be doing evangelism work for this great commission.

    We walked the grounds where we will be doing a 3 day crusade, the streets where we will be doing evangelism including the facility where a leadership training will be conducted at the same time.

    Lastly, we prayed over the grounds where the new church planting will be taking place. The team is charged up and ready to go.

    We are now headed to visit Ridgeways church which is the birthplace of the divine connection with Pastor Dangerfield (20 yrs. ago) and 48,000 souls later. A significant moment in time to acknowledge the journey before and ahead.

    Dinner will be served for the team by the Ridgeway church family following by a formal kickoff of the WAVES OF GLORY at KISERIAN starting first thing in the morning.


    1. Min. Erna

      Praise God!

  8. Kimberly Evans

    Blessings, Blessings and Blessings For the waves of Glory! I am excited for what is going to take place in Thika. The Holy Spirit is in charge. I thank God for your safe arrival and everything that has taking place so far. Looking forward to hearing what’s next.

  9. Conswaylo Jefferson

    Jambo! (Hello)
    We had an awesome devotional this morning. Then we went to Kiserian to witness and we won many souls for the kingdom. Then we came home and discussed all that God had done. What a mighty God we serve! Tomorrow we will start the open air crusades please keep everyone in prayer for strength as we minister in the morning and also in the evening. We are believing for 1000 souls!

  10. Pastor Janice Bishop

    Praise God for the great things he is doing. Praying that you will see more than a 1000 souls. Covering you in prayer and rejoicing in every victory. May an anointing for the Supernatural be released over the team. Miracles, Signs and Wonders.

  11. Nancine Dreon

    Praise God for the Power of His Might within each and everyone of you.
    Enjoy the “WAVES OF GLORY” and all His Benefits.
    Praying for Strength, Wisdom, Fresh Anointing everyday with All His Goodness and Replenishment in your new skins of GLORY.


    1. Charles Lindsey

      Cindy and I are praying for the team that God will be glorified and that the expectations of the assignment will overflow 100 fold. Bless y’all.

  12. Manga Kennedy

    The day kicked off with a powerful devotion on the power of love. The team then headed to Kiserian where we were introduced to a Maasai dance during praise and worship…you have to see it to understand ?…but it’s coming back to America with us??

    The teams were then dispatched into a new territory in Kiserian…where we went door to door winning souls for Christ…22 souls gave their lives to Christ today.

    Every day while the teams are out witnessing, a pastors and leadership meeting is being held at headquarters. Bishop has been imparting great revelations to the pastors and leaders here and they are receiving.

    Today, the teaching impartation was followed with a powerful demonstration of seed sowing and testimonies by the Kenyan leaders as they partook on the revelation of tithing and seed sowing in order to open the flow within their ministries. POVERTY has no CHANCE!!!

    After the morning evangelism session, we then convened back to headquarters for lunch, followed by a powerful prayer session at the grounds where the church will be built, which is also going to be the site for the medical camp.

    The team is now back at the hotel, the mood is cheerful and getting some needed rest for the day ahead. Tomorrow is the first day of the crusade…and we are still expecting and FLOWING in the waves.


  13. Elder Derrick Maye

    Praise GOD!!!!! Continue to flow from your position in HEAVENLY PLACES!!!!!

  14. KishaSelena

    Thank You God for this mighty team. Please restore and refresh them Lord

  15. Manga Kennedy

    Another awesome day in the fields, that was capped off with an open air crusade…and all I can say is…Bishop PREACHED the GOSPEL….you will just have to wait for the “Kenya recap video” as the closest ATTEMPT to capture or describe in words what took place here in Kiserian, Ngong County.

    Another eventful day awaits us today…more to come on that as the day unfolds…..keep praying for the saints that the gospel will continue going forth into all corners of Kiserian and Maasai villages.


  16. Elder D Winfield

    Praise GOD for all that has taken place with the team thus far. We are praying for each of you. Acts 2:41: Then they that gladly received His Word were baptized;and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls…continue adding souls to the KINGDOM. Great are your rewards! Blessings to you all!!!

  17. Patricia L Taylor

    Bless the Lord. We will continue to pray that the miracles, signs and wonders will continue to manifest.
    Keep allowing God to use all of you. God is not finished yet.

    Blessings to all my brothers and sisters.

  18. International Missions Ministry

    Our second mission team has arrived in Kenya!!! Glory to God!!

  19. Elder Derrick Maye

    Praise GOD for your safe arrival in Kenya!!!!!!

  20. Jackie Robinson

    Hallelujah! May God use you mightily to do greater works!

  21. Minister Erna Seaberry

    Jumbo!! The 2nd wave team has arrived. We where greeted by team 1 with a joyous celebration. We had a good nights rest and the torch is being passed. Morning devotions set the tone for the day and team 2 is ready to take off on the runway. We will meet the people of Kiserian soon. Continue to pray for God’s Glory to be seen, so that the people will see heaven on earth. Blessings!

  22. Conswaylo Jefferson

    Praying for you all for continuous refreshing and refilling of the Holy Spirit. A bullseye anointing and a unity that cannot be broken. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Go forth with power!! Love yall

  23. Minister Erna Seaberry

    Bless the Lord, what a mighty God we serve! During evangelism 56 people where saved and 350+ came through on day one of the medical camp. On day two of the medical camp 600+ people where seen. We thank God for a open heaven as we continue to finish strong.

  24. Minister Erna Seaberry

    Glory to God! We had a community event, after the Medical Camp closed. At the event several games where played with the children and they where able to come into a tent we set up like a store and picked an item. At the end everyone left with something in their hands. Face painting and a coloring station was also setup for the kids.The adults also had the opportunity to pick an item. There was so much excited under that tent! And for the ladies a salon was the place to be. Ministry went forth as their nails and facials where done.

    We where invited to several church’s to minister the word, give testimonials, pray and dance for the Sunday services.

    God did it! We have completed the medical part of the our mission. For three days God has used us to work alongside of the locals. 354 people came to Christ, 66 people where treated by a Dentist, 2,086 came through the Medical Camp. 72 Pastors had training and a church was planted!  All for the glory of God.

    We will be visiting a Maasai Village and then preparing for our return. My God, all this through tithes, offerings and donations. Blessings!

  25. Chanda Carney

    Praise God … so thankful for His faithfulness and for the rewards of your faithfulness as a team doing the work of the Lord. This is the Lords doing and it is Marvelous in our eyes….. Glory to God Forever!!!!

  26. Dear my friends in Christ, I am very blessed to get this good time to write to you.
    Thank you so much for what you are doing for the kingdom of God and may God bless you.

    I am called pastor Leonidas from Burundi and would like to ask you if we can work together and if possible you establish your church in Burundi. God bless you.

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