The foundation for Financial Freedom begins with the Word of God. According to Matthew 25:14-30, God owns everything and we are His managers. We are, however, called to be good managers (stewards) of the money and resources He has given us to manage.

The purpose of this check-list is to provide you with a weekly, monthly or annual means to assess whether or not your financial tools are in place in order to ensure financial freedom for you and your family.

Steps for Credit repair

Steps to Build your Credit Score

  • Pay your bills on time or before the due date
  • Pay more than the minimum payment
  • Pay off debts early
  • Keep debt to income ratio less than 20%
  • Own only two to three credit cards

Steps to Establish Credit

  • Apply for a store or gas credit card
  • Charge only a small amount
  • Be sure to pay off the entire balance every month
  • Apply for a small personal loan from your bank or credit union

Steps to Get out of Debt

Take control of your money

  • List your income and expenses
  • Create a budget
  • Develop a spending plan

Negotiate with your creditors

  • Understand collection practices
  • Settle your own debts

Use the Debt Snowball to eliminate your debt

Prepare for your Future

Steps to establish a savings

  • Know what you are saving for (i.e., emergency fund, retirement, etc.)
  • Have a goal in mind (number of months, years, etc.)
  • Have a dollar amount in mind

Ways to create savings

  • Cut down or eliminate eating out
  • Set a specific amount to spend on holidays and birthdays and don’t deviate
  • Understand the relationship between time and money
  • Eliminate fees (overdraft and late fees)
  • Clean out a closet (yard sale)
  • Find alternative entertainment (family TV night)

Estate Planning

    • Leave an inheritance

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