2017 Brazil Missionaries


Brazil is the second largest country in the world and the Team will be going to seek, save, encourage and so much more in and outside the Church doors. They will visit the orphans, the sick, the poor, build up families and youth. GOD will be Glorified as the Team makes a difference in the spirit, mind and body of so many. Brazil you will be washed In the blood of Jesus and Great Testimonies shall come forth.

Read, write and glorify GOD as you read the reports from the field and encourage the Missionaries that have answered The Call.

UPDATE: 7/18/17

Hello everyone, we have safely arrived to Brazil. We are excited about this opportunity that God has placed in front of us. We are ready to win lives for the kingdom. We will have more updates coming soon. Thanks for all the prayers. -Sis. Jessica Robinson

UPDATE: 7/19/17

Today has been an Awesome Day of Evangelism in the slums of Brazil, so many hungry for God! To God Be the Glory! Continue to pray for our team as we prepare for evening worship service. In the name of Jesus replenish, restore what was poured out for the Glory of God!
Glory to God! Just finished evening midweek service. A powerful move of God during service, the Holy Spirit moved in a magnificent way! Many received prayer, healing and restoration. Our youth were on display through praise and worship, dance and bringing forth the word of God, we are united as ONE! To God Be The Glory! Thank you for your many prayers.
~Sis. Tondrea Giles
UPDATE: 7/20/17

Yesterday, Wednesday, the team spent the whole day with Pastor Joshua who is our closest friend in Brazil and an extraordinary interpreter. They went street witnessing, praying for the sick and encouraging believers in that part of the city. There were reports of people getting healed and saved. Additionally, the team ministered alongside Pastor Joshua’s youth and Scott Sanders II preached in his first cross cultural context. He did a great job and the whole team played a part in the entire service. They came back last night very tired, but excited about what they saw God do. Today, we just returned from a ministry experience in a Favela “slum”. The team prayed in many apartments and encouraged the Christian lady in that complex who received us. Some on our team took the subway for the first time in their lives and they were very excited about the whole experience. They are now taking lunch and preparing for an evening service with Pastor Robson who is a son in ministry to me. Please pray for continued team unity, stamina and endurance for every assignment task assigned to our hands. Please pray for Kingdom breakthroughs and salvation to the lost.
~Pastor Julian Dangerfield

UPDATE: 7/22/17

On Thursday the team ministered by day and went to Pastor Robson’s church and danced like never before. It was another incredible experience! Yesterday, Friday, the team went street witnessing and won several people to the Lord. They attended a service at night and were exuberant in seeing how God used them. They said it was the best experience yet. They also said that on Thursday and Wednesday 😇. Today, Saturday is our last ministry push as we will street witness in a slum area and rest for the evening.

There are more sniffles because the team has been moving from morning until night but otherwise doing very well. Please pray for their stamina and continued ministry focus. Following our experience today, we have another huge service at a COGIC church on Sunday night. Please pray that God will help us close out well. Thank you all for praying for us and God is bearing great fruit in Brazil.
~ Pastor Julian Dangerfield

UPDATE: 7/22/17

Greetings from Brazil 🇧🇷 Friday we had a full day of ministry. We visited a drug rehabilitation retreat center. We had an amazing worship service, many received prayer and encouragement. The Brazillians were so happy we were there to spread the Love of Christ. Many of the Brazillians had never personally met Americans before and just to know God would send a Missions Team from the United States to pray and encourage them spoke volume to each of them. They received us with much Love.
After leaving the rehabilitation center we were greeted and hosted by Pastor Douglas of Cepa Ministries, Pastor Douglas led some of our team through the Flevelas. The area is known for drug trafficking and drug addicts. The area is severely poverty stricken. The team was able to evangelize the word of God and conducted a prayer walk-through in some of the areas praying for many!!! God was glorified, 4 people received salvation — To God Be The Glory!
The Evening concluded with an Awesome Worship Service, what an experience!
Pastor Douglas has asked we not forget about them, to continue to pray for the deliverance and the needs of the people who are lost in this area as this is his life assignment to preach the Gospel and win souls for Christ.
Thank you for your continued prayers !


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  1. Tracy Foster

    May, God cover and bless every missionary. May they change lives with the blood of , Jesus Christ.

  2. Phyllis M Farmer

    I am so happy all of you arrived safely. I am waiting to hear more. I’m praying for all of you.

  3. Chiquita Burroughs

    Glory to GOD, yielded vessels!!! GOD is using you all mightily for HIS Glory!! Thank GOD for you engaging in the flow of the HOLY SPIRIT!! Lives changed!! Miracles, signs and wonders in the name of JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth!!! Excited and continuing to Pray for you!!

  4. Sasha Kelly

    YOUNG CEOOO and Missionaries my heart is with you while in Brazil!! May your spirits bring prosperity into the soil and in the Earth. May Brazil never be the same. May your voices be restored daily as you sing into the Heavenly’s to provoke God to cease corruption and poverty. May the lives you touch never be the same. May high officials hear of the difference you made in Brazil. May that difference draw even the officials closer to God. I am Praying for your safety to each ground you touch. I pray for togetherness for you all and against any counter attacks. , love your sister in Christ- Sasha

  5. Ashaunti Nelson

    Just thinking about you all and keeping you covered in prayer! Keep pushing for His glory! Anything can happen when you’re yielded, so keep yielding for His people!!!

  6. Phyllis M Farmer

    I’m still praying for all of you. I know people lives are being charged. Because God is using all of you, your lives will never be the same again. My God gives you all you need to bless people lives. Remember He is with all of you where you go. Remember the Holy Spirit has nothing better to do then to have a relationship with you.

  7. Stacy Wells

    Praying for renewed strength for the team. I bind and confuse the plans of the enemy. I know demonic territories are destroyed and God’s presence rules and reigns instead in Brazil.

  8. Min. Madrine Kinguah

    I have been praying for your renewed strength and that you will finish strong in Jesus Name! I pray for Jessica and she’s restored and protected in the Blood of Jesus Christ and no weapon formed against the team shall prosper! AMEN!

  9. Crystal Wiley-Perry

    Glory to God for the power of the Holy Spirit flowing through you Team to change lives and reshape theologies! God is sowing good seed through your intense, focused and specific gifts and callings. May the God of salvation continue to replenish you with all you require for this assignment. I pray Jessica is well today in the name of Jesus. Hallelulah.

  10. Kimberly Evans

    Glory to God! The manifestation of Gods Glory continues to flow during and after you leave Brazil. Prayers are penetrating the atmosphere, the supernatural realm and the Heavens for you all and the assignment God has given you all. Continue to FLOW!!!

  11. Pastor Janice Bishop

    May God give each of you the stamina and strength and his great anointing to finish well.
    Trust God for whatever you need he is there for you. Praying that Jessica is feeling much better.
    God I pray that you will pour your refreshing into each and every person as they minister to the lost and broken.
    May they have great testimonies of your glory being poured out in Brazil.

  12. Amie Carter

    Brazil missionaries, continue to flow with God and be open to however He chooses to use you! May He continue to provide you with supernatural rest, energy, and unity to fulfill His good and perfect will! The Lord is doing a mighty work through each and every one of you!!

  13. Sophiea Hart

    May God continual to manifest his presence in you ALL and before the Brazil people. Be strong in the LORD and in the Power of HIS Might. as the atmosphere change. Flow, Flow, in the Love for God

  14. Jackie Robinson

    Missionaries, keep pushing! To God be the glory for the great things He is doing through you. Prayers sent!

  15. Natacha Williams

    God is amazing and deserves all the praise and honor. I continue to pray that God covers you all and continue to use you all in the way that he has. Bringing souls to Christ, evidence that we are being fed by our spiritual parents and leaders are being brought up in MT. Gilead. Praying for your safe return. God Bless.

  16. Sasha

    WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!

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