It was a beautiful spring day when a team of 12 Gileadites led by Bishop and CoPastor Robertson gathered in the administrative office preparing to take a historic trip to the bank to officially cancel the $1.6 million in debt. There was excitement in the air as the team headed to make the final transaction that would change the course of history for generations to come.

Representing the 5,000 plus membership, the team was greeted by two senior staff members from the bank and escorted into an executive conference room. The rich maple wood furnishings and decadent décor helped to set the stage for one transaction that would impact two realms at once; both the spirit and the natural debt would be cancelled.

While the bankers were gracious, it was clear that this was indeed a rare occasion for them. With over 50 years of combined banking experience, neither had ever witnessed anything that compared to the 2012 Debt Cancellation Campaign executed at Mt. Gilead. One banker called it “nothing short of extraordinary.”

The official documentation was presented to Bishop Robertson indicating that Mt. Gilead had satisfied its obligation to the bank. What may have seemed like another piece of paper to some, has become an emancipation proclamation for those who dared to trust God enough to sow into this Kingdom initiative. Isaiah 10:27 reads “and in that day the yoke will be destroyed,” which includes the yoke of debt, sickness, disease, poverty and all other forms of bondage. From God’s House to Your House” is more than a catchy slogan, it is instead a reality for those who participated in the campaign.

With so many lives impacted and countless testimonies of victory, favor and debt elimination, we may never be able to measure the full impact of this miraculous event. Here is what we know for sure; to God be all the glory for the great things He has done!

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