This is the third year Missionaries have served in Kiserian, Kenya among the Maasai.  This year, the assignment of the Team is to strengthen the church that was planted in 2016 by providing “ leadership training, support and consultation for local women and schools”.

At the same time, there will be another Team on a medical mission in the town of Malindi, Kenya.  This team will provide free medical treatment, free dental care, free medication and the most valuable gift which is the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

Follow along with the Team periodically viewing this blog to see what Mighty Things GOD is doing.
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UPDATE:  8/21/18
Our Kenya missionaries have arrived safely!

Greetings Mt Gilead Full Gospel International Family. Our medical missionaries have already gone to work during our flight time on the Ethiopian Airline. A young lady became ill and we helped out as much as we could. Intercessors interceded for her and the medical team made arrangements. As soon as we got off the plane, the ambulance was there to pick her up to further assist her in the help that she needed. Just finished our lunch and trying to stay awake( lol🤣) until it’s dinner time. Don’t want to be staring at the ceiling later on tonight. -Kenya Mission Team

UPDATE:  8/22/18

We have given God the Glory with a Word on Compassion during our morning devotion.  We had an overview of the Indian Ocean at this time.  We went to the medical missionary site to pray and get our dental and medical area straightfor tomorrow as well as cleaning.  We walked the lands praying, mapping out work stations, and Pastor Ezekiel gave instruction.  Also, we met with two other teams making this mission team great in number.  We broke bread with our beautiful sisters and brothers from Nairobi who will be joining us on starting tomorrow with medical and dental help.  They greeted us with smiles and hugs after their 12hr drive.  Most of them could be our kids 19-30 years old and they are on 100 for the LORD!!!!

UPDATE:  8/24/18

Today, we rejoiced and we were glad to see about 500 people for our medical camp.  We turned a school room into a boutique of women and mens’s clothing plus shoes. We came together and purchased flip-flops and personal hygiene for women too.  They were all so excited.

UPDATE:  8/26/18

Rain or shine the medical mission must go on.  The lady in the pink was a dentist who came from Nairobi to help us in the dental area.