“Seeing Jesus Span the Continents!”
Dubai, Abu Dhabi, (United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪) Vienna, Austria 🇦🇹 and Budapest, Hungary 🇭🇺! Healing Meetings in Dubai with Marilyn & Sarah and Ministering with them in Budapest, Hungary at “Faith Church,” (over 100,000 attendees), Europe’s largest Evangelical Church! We are the “Called Out Ones,” for such a time as this! From Asia to Europe! Reaching the Nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

UPDATE: 10/11/18

The Dubai Team at JFK preparing to board flight to Istanbul, Turkey on the way to Dubai!  We’ve already began to experience God’s favor.  And the blessings just keep on coming! -Elder Sundra Johnson

UPDATE: 10/13/18

The team has arrived safely in Dubai!

UPDATE: 10/14/18


The team had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Marilyn Hickey in the morning and attended a Healing Meeting with her at night.  Miracles, signs and wonders manifested for His Glory!  The team assisted Dr. Hickey in praying over those seeking healing and other prayer requests. -Elder Sundra Johnson

UPDATE: 10/16/18

It’s after 9:30 pm here in Dubai and we’ve just finished having dinner with Dr Marilyn Hickey before we travel out early in the morning to Budapest Hungary 🇭🇺 We have had an amazing time in Dubai seeing and experiencing healings taking place, prayer walking and sharing the love of Christ and the Word of God! Sharing just a glimpse of some of the highlights! -Elder Sundra Johnson

UPDATE: 10/18/18

Hello from Budapest! There are actually 2 parts that make up Budapest. Buda is on one side of the Danube River and Pest is on the other side! Most people think it’s just one place called Budapest😊. After our morning service with impactful Impartation and Teaching from Dr Marilyn Hickey, we started the day in Buda City where we visited the Castle District with the magnificent Matthias Church and Fisherman’s Bastion. Then we visited the Pest side and toured the Parliament building and the beautiful St Stephens Basilica, as well as other historical sites and buildings. Tomorrow will include a day trip to Vienna Austria to take in the many sites there and continue our prayer walking and sharing the love of Christ! Photos to follow 😊-Elder Sundra Johnson

UPDATE: 10/20/18

Hello Everyone! Today, we traveled from Budapest to Vienna Austria! We toured the Imperial Palace and the famous Ring Boulevard with sights of the Parliament, City Hall and other amazing architecture and statues. The famous composer Mozart was only one of many that Austria is known for.

UPDATE: 10/21/18

We’ve had an Impartation meeting with Dr Hickey this morning and are now getting ready for a Dinner Celebration before we start on our travels back on tomorrow! Last night, we attended services at Faith Church Budapest, with a membership of over 30,000.  Dr. Hickey ministered and 100’s answered the altar call for salvation and rededication. Also, many received their healing for overall pain in their bodies, neck problems, feet problems, new hearts, tumors, growths and warts as well as prayers for those believing God to have a baby.

UPDATE: 10/23/18

The Dubai team is back home!