Praise GOD for another opportunity to Go this year to the country of Brazil.
The focus on this trip will be on the Family and Leadership.
We thank GOD for the praise reports that will come forth from this Great Team.  As stated from
one of the Youth that served on the earlier trip, Brazil will never be the same.
May the Christ the Redeemer statue not just be on the New 7 Wonders of the World list but, may
Christ the Redeemer be proclaimed as The Wonder in the hearts of all of Brazil’s People.
For Your Glory LORD!
For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.  Habakkuk 2:14

UPDATE: 10/8/18

The team had landed in Sao Paulo, Brazil and checked into the hotel.  We are about to go and have lunch and everyone is doing well and looking forward to their assignments which will start tomorrow.  Pastor Julian thanks you for your continued prayers.  Have a blessed day!

UPDATE: 10/9/18

We started today with a powerful devotional by Pastor Julian. He ministered out of Ephesians 4:1-6 — the importance of unity and walking worthy of the call.  The teams were split and deployed to two different churches.  We had anointed worship in song by three of our teammates from Pastor Derricott’s church, Everlasting Spirit Ministries.  Min Erna was used tremendously by the HOLY SPIRIT as she flag danced. Bishop delivered a powerful Word from Psalm 100. He spoke about how you can not just go in GOD’S presence any kind of way. You should enter in with thanksgiving, not going in asking for stuff, there is a certain respect you have to have for GOD. Seek first the Kingdom, Matthew 6:33.  Continued Blessing!
-Chiquita Burroughs

The team had a blessed day training and communicating with our interpreters as they get to know us.  The team I was with went with Pastor Julian to Deus e’ bom (meaning God is Good) ministries.  Pastor Julian brought the word from Luke 1 on Zecharias and Elizabeth’s assignment to bring forth a son in her barren years and how they had unbelief. The message to the people was confronting unbelief.  The alter was full during alter call. There were 50+ people who came for prayer. Deliverance and healing took place. There was a specific altar call for addictions and one man came forth to say he has been dealing with addiction for many years. We will continue to believe God for his deliverance.   The team is resting up for tomorrow. -Kimberly Evans

UPDATE: 10/10/18

The team were split up 4 in each group and went in waves in different directions prayer walking! It was very strategic and tremendously blessed!  -Chiquita Burroughs

UPDATE: 10/11/18

The team were put in different groups and were sent to 3 different churches in the evening.  Ministers Jerry and Pam Mosely, ministered a powerful word on faith, connection and prayer. The Glory fell and people were set free!  Afterwards we toured the building, which is a missionary training center! What a blessing!
-Chiquita Burroughs

UPDATE: 10/12/18

Praise God!  Yesterday, the team went to a community center/technology school of one of the orphanages in Brazil.  We had the opportunity to learn the history behind how the orphanage unfolded by the hands of God. There are 500+ children that have been taken off of the streets of Brazil, Glory to God!  The orphanage has a technology school where the older children can learn a trade. We were able to visit the different classrooms to see the learning take place. The younger children were in the community center and we were able to take pictures with the children and interact with them. What a beautiful highlight of our day.  Much more to come! -Kimberly Evans

UPDATE: 10/14/18

Pastor Lovelle Maxwell and Bishop Daniel Robertson, Jr. ministered during Sunday evening service.  You can view the archive here:

UPDATE: 10/15/18

God moved tremendously over the weekend. It was nonstop ministry. God used us to bless the people but God also used the people to bless us. The family and leadership conference allowed change to take place. God wants our praise! Your praise can allow God to move in any situation.  The scripture says ” He inhabits the praises of His people.”  -Kimberly Evans

UPDATE: 10/16/18

The Team has landed in Rio from Sao Paulo and are doing some sightseeing today.  Pray that they are vigilant even now and continue to pray for their safety in travel.  Thank you for your continued prayers.

UPDATE: 10/17/18

The missionaries are back home!  We praise God for the team’s safe return!