This is the second year Missionaries have served in Kiserian, Kenya among the Maasai.  This year, the assignment of the Team is to strengthen the church that was planted in 2016, disciple those that were saved and lastly bring new people to Christ.    

There will be a medical clinic, a day of encouragement for the community, leadership training and other ministry activities. 

Follow along with the Team periodically viewing this blog to see what Mighty things GOD is doing.

UPDATE:  October 10, 2017

The Kenya missionaries have safely arrived in Kiserian! We are settling in to our hotels and adjusting to the 7-hour time difference. We will receive ministry assignments and dispatch in the morning.

UPDATE:  October 11, 2017

Kiserian has been dealing with a severe drought. As a result many crops were lost, and animals have been dying from no food.  The Maasai people rely on their livestock to make a living, so thugs have been tough for them.  But, glory to God, the rain started yesterday and continued today!  According to their beliefs, rain is a sign of blessing, and some people feel that our team brought this blessing with us from God!
Today, we traveled to Shalom Community Church where Pastor Peter and Emmah Olonapa serve as pastors. There, we hosted an eye clinic, so that people could receive free eye exams and glasses, if needed. The air is very dry and dusty, and eye issues are a big concern.
We also split into four teams for door-to-door evangelism, sharing the love of God. Through this experience we were able to pray for many people, some in their homes, and others at their businesses. One team had the opportunity to go to two local schools, singing songs and interacting with the students and teachers.
When we returned from the evangelism, we received a tour of the Shalom Community Church campus, which includes a farm, greenhouse, and lodging for women overcoming abuse and other tragic circumstances.  We were also able to interact with the Maasai people. They are very warm and receptive to us. They greeted us with hugs and continued to thank us for our presence in the community!
Please continue to keep us in prayer. Tomorrow, the Pastors Leadership Conference starts. We look forward to sharing with the pastors and other church leaders!

UPDATE:  October 12, 2017

Today, the team had a powerful day!  During the first part of the day we participated in a Pastors’ Conference at the Fountain of Life Church. This conference was held to uplift and encourage church leaders.  In the morning session, Bishop Robertson, Minister Jeannie Diggs, and Minister Gina Brown brought a powerful Word.  During the afternoon session, Bishop ministered again, along with Pastor Scott Sanders and Elder Eric Thompson.  Many pastors attending shared amazement at the anointing coming from the team.  At the same time, four teams were sent to different areas in Kiserian to share the Gospel through street evangelism. Many testimonies of God’s hand were shared.  People received salvation and prayer.  Another team went to a church in the Maasai village.  Pastor Derrick Greene ministered a message of hope to the people.  Elder Nancine Dreon and Minister Amie Carter assisted with the altar call in which several people came up for healing.  Two children and five adults received instantaneous healing, including one woman who’s spine was straightened on the spot!  Glory to God!  The Lord continues to send the rain spiritually and literally! This is the third day of rain and the people consider it a blessing.  They see us as bringing the much needed rain! God is doing great things!  Glory to His name!

UPDATE:  October 13, 2017

Early in the morning, a few team members visited children at the school where Pastor Peter Olonapa was once a student.  We shared the good news of God’s kingdom and reminded the kids that God loves each and every one of them! The team members were warmly received by the students and staff, and the children even sang to us!  The entire team came together and continued worshipping at the Pastors’ Conference, held at Liberty Baptist Church.  Pastor Peter Olonapa invited many pastors from across Kenya to be there.  We were on Maasai land and honored to meet many of the Maasai people. We were also blessed to be a part of their worship in authentic Maasai fashion.  Bishop Robertson ministered a dynamic message on leadership to the pastors.  The team also enjoyed lunch at Pastor Peter’s home. His wife, Pastor Emmah cooked a delicious meal for us.  After lunch, the Pastors’ Conference continued with separate leadership sessions for the men and women.  Several men on our team ministered to the Maasai men, while the women on the team shared with the Maasai women.  Bishop closed out the day with a powerful word of encouragement!

UPDATE:  October 14, 2017

God continues to do mighty exploits on this trip. Today, around 20 children gave their lives to Christ at the continuation of the Pastors’ Conference! As an outreach opportunity, Community Day was held after the conference. During this time the Maasai people received toiletries, clothes, shoes and school supplies. The pastors received a book bag with supplies. And, the rain showed up again! The women in attendance came together with the women on our team and discussed the challenges Maasai women face. The Maasai people blessed each team member with a special gift. We were truly blessed!

UPDATE:  October 15, 2017

This was the final full day of missions for the team and God closed out the day with power at Liberty Baptist Church in the Maasai village. Our Bishop gave his testimony of how God has blessed him to be an example to the Maasai. Our Man of God encouraged the people to be unified and to continue to trust God. The team members with Bishop flowed during the altar call.  Many people came forward to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, healing and salvation.  During this time, four other teams carried out ministry assignments to preach and teach the Gospel at various churches for Sunday worship.  Please continue to lift up the team as we prepare for our flight tomorrow to return home!

UPDATE:  October 17, 2017

The team is back home!  We thank God for our safe return and your prayers of support!