Praise GOD for another year to have the opportunity to go into all the world in Harlem, NY.

The United States contains 488 different people groups, New York contains hundreds of People Groups that have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As the Missionaries are on the corners of Harlem proclaiming the gospel and in their other travels, we pray that those of People Groups considered unreached will be reached with the Good News of what Jesus has done for them.  We pray that all those bound will be delivered and set free.  Those that have come to the U.S. for riches and freedom will find the true riches and freedom that only comes from GOD.

UPDATE: 7/26/18

Our Harlem missionaries have safely arrived in Harlem at NYSUM.  We are unpacking and already in a spirit of anticipation of what God will do here in this beautiful city!  More to come…  ~Shamece Todd

UPDATE: 7/27/18

Greetings from Harlem!!
God strategically and divinely orchestrated our day!!
We started the day in Praise through song and prayer, directly followed by a mighty word by Pastor Janice Bishop. She ministered to the group with power and boldness, prepping us for the assignment ahead. She shared a word on “Damaged Goods.”  She expressed that we have all overcome something and the people we encounter are God’s heart. She reminded us to have the Father’s heart and to see the people as God does.
This word set the trajectory of the day. As we went, God made powerful movements in the spirit even down to the weather.  He shifted the rain, that it would rain, but just enough that we were still able to walk and travel safely from place to place.
Our next stop was NYSUM, however along the way God had people He wanted to reach.
The first woman appeared to have things together and little did we know she was actually homeless. A group of ladies covered her in prayer and she was so elated and determined to attend the ministry.  She asked for the ministry’s information, so that she would be able to come.
We continued on to Bethel Assembly of God, our host ministry. We were greeted at the door by Pastor Mimisize and taught by Minister Denise and Minister Ralph. They taught us about Operation Spiritual Thunder. We learned this is the 19th year that it has gone forth! We are thankful to know we are joining a mighty force already in full motion!
Praise God, we were equipped with the knowledge we need for the evangelism assignment. We left the ministry and we begin the Prayer Walk. We walked blocks that we will serve to see the hurt and the need of encouragement, salvation and hope.
We were spying out the land to take over!
We followed that up with what we thought would be lunch. However, God moved so mightily we were all in awe of His Favor, compassion and love for the young man that served our table.
This young man had prayed that morning for a sign from God for God to show up for him. He had no idea that God would send us on time to be used by God as his answer. The young man served us in excellence by himself and gave all he had. Brother Ted privately said let’s sow into his life. Not only was the young man given the gratuity within the ticket, but he was also blessed over and above with a $251 tip!  God didn’t stop there.  The 12 men of God on the trip, one by one, poured into this young man.  They covered him in prayer, anointing his hands and feet. The men stood in power and love and this young man’s heart was overwhelmed with joy! He laid his head on each man as if they were his father. God showed up mightily!! We are expecting to worship with him on Sunday!! Glory to God!!
There were many many more testimonies during our night recap. God continued to use us on the subway rides even as we returned. People actually witnessed that they could see a difference on us. They notice the light !!
Glory to God for the mighty things He’s already done in Harlem and this was just the beginning!!
There’s so much more in store!
Keep praying for the team, interceding for our strength and rest as we prepare for street witnessing Saturday!!
To God be the Glory !!
~Shamece Todd
UPDATE: 7/28/18
Greetings from Harlem

What a Mighty God we serve !!

Operation Spiritual Thunder God ruled and reigned and had His way!

We started the day with a power-packed word by Phil Noel sharingthe Word and his testimony. He spoke about God’s power to change and deliver us from any and everything we could ever face.  He shared how 7/28/18 was his 8 year anniversary being away from drug selling and alcohol.

Then, we broke up and prayed for one another and God took over! We traveled by subway to Bethel met with the other churches and teams and split up in groups to minister the gospel on the street corners.  We had close to 100 ministers on 100 corners bringing God the glory, sharing the love of Christ and saving souls through the power of God.  Well, God did so much on those corners this update can’t share it all… 62 + souls were saved and many were rededicated! So many received prayer for healing and deliverance.

Then, we had a lovely meal at BBQs and were honored to meet the CEO, the 3rd generation of the owner of the business.  Next, we walked the Brooklyn Bridge and experienced the beauty of God!  We went back to NYSUM and when we thought it was time for rest God had another assignment. There was a team at NYSUM whose plane was cancelled and they returned to NYSUM.  There was a group of young women about six that met one of our team members.  They wanted to know about Operation Spiritual Thunder.  Their curiosity ended up getting one of the young ladies filled with the Holy Spirit!!!  The young lady’s name was Shalom and it was powerful.  We took her to meet Rev. Cruz, a leader of Shalom.  When Shalom met Shalom and they embraced something happened you could see it and feel it.  The young lady was full.  God did so many things.  We can’t tell it all. To God be the Glory!! ~Shamece Todd

UPDATE: 7/29/18

Greetings from Harlem!!

Today is Sunday!  We started with a mighty word from our team members from Rhema International.  The three of them really flowed in power: Christie, Ricardo and Mrs Wallace. They spoke truly about being Kings and Queens. Also, they ministered in knowing who you are!

We traveled by subway to Bethel where Sis. Shamece ministered in dance for the service and Minister Linda ministered in song! God took over the both of them.  Bishop shared with the congregation that the number of souls saved was 62. He said the number changed during the Victory rally when a woman came up for salvation. She said she was won by the Testimony, the song and dance!! So, the count increased by one. The heavens rejoice for one soul!!!

The young man we blessed at the restaurant Saturday came to service.

We, then received a power-packed word by the pastor of Bethel!!  God’s presence fell and it was a Spiritual Take Over!  The altar was filled and liberty and dreedom filled the room!!

We traveled to Tressa and Dwight’s home for dinner! They prepared their homes for us and had a full feast prepared.

God had the team to surprise the couple with $ 301!  The team also was led to sow into Rev. Crews $315 to bless her life for blessings our lives.

We returned to NYSUM to rest and reflect on the Great Things God has done!!  ~Shamece Todd

UPDATE: 7/30/18

Great Morning from Harlem 

On yesterday we began with praise and worship. Then the word was delivered by the Howard’s. Their topic was “One Accord” the couple ministered with power and transparency. After they finished the team had the chance to open up and share what this mission trip has been and has done for them!

People were open and vulnerable and really shared and it was so much joy in the room ! 

Next we split and traveled the city. A group of us travel by ferry to the Statue of Liberty! 

We laughed and took pictures and enjoyed God’s beauty. 

While being there there was a blind man trying to make his way. Pastor Holmes not only a Man of God but he’s a part of the Military. Pastor Holmes literally guided this man from the subway to the ferry. Protecting him and showing him the way. It was powerful and amazing to watch God at work. The pictures included to demonstrate the love of God!

Next we met up as a team to enjoy a meal at Juniors. We enjoyed fellowship and relaxation yet still with Spiritual atena. People were still flowing on the subways on the way back to NYSUM.

When we arrived to NYSUM we were surprised by the couple that hosted us Dwight and Tressie and their son Tyler. They arrived with gifts for us ! Served to be served what kindness they have shown!

We rested and prepared for departure!

This morning we started in praise and devotions and we will depart to return home safely 

More to come !!! 

God has truly been Good !!

UPDATE: 7/31/18

Our Harlem missionaries are back home!  Praise God for the team’s safe return